Generic and FRCS resources

Useful Resources

The following are resources I would encourage trainees to look over before starting the placement, as they will be frequently referred to:-

i) - Pulvertaft webinars (every monday evening)
ii) - BSSH Journal Club (bimonthly)
iii) - information on the hand surgery diploma and reading list
iv) - Susan Mckinnon approach to nerve surgery
v) The Upper Hand Podcast (any podcast provider) – 2 well known hand surgeons in St Louis talking about hand surgery.

Revision aids

The following podcasts were recorded during my time revising for interviews and exams across the years. They are intended to allow the user to have a flow of information while on the move, to minimise downtime in the run up to exams. As such there may be occasional errors, or there may be relevant literature updates which have not been included. They are therefore intended to compliment your revision if you find this type of method useful, but I would encourage you to cross-correlate the information with your own reading.

You are welcome to use them for your own revision, but they should not be used in any formal capacity without permission. I have tried to reference the material where relevant in the text that accompanies each podcast.

Biomechanics for FRCS

Biomechanics of Hand and wrist

BOAST 1-6 Part 1

BOAST 1-6 Part 2


Classification Perthes and Gross Motor Function

Non upper limb classifications

Predicting residual limb length discrepancy

Shoulder Arthroplasty And Biomechanics